etsy is up with only 5 items.

this is the link to my store.

i haven't been able to spend much time making it pretty. my photoshop isnt working because i cant find a valid number for it. but soon it will look nice and i'll have more time up keep putting items up. thanks again to the ladies who modeled for me you all are radiant!

um, i had the day off yesterday and i was sick. ugh. jimmy came over and we cooked salmon and asparagus which looked very nice and i took a lot of picture of it. which i haven't gotten developed because i am broke.

today is sort of messy out. ry and i are tying to figure out how we're going to be able to make an 11 day break in july to go to GA and VA. he is starting to think it might be too expensive not to work for so long. and he is right. but i dont mind being broke as long as im still adventuring, and at that point we would have been working for just about everyday since june 1st. so i also think the trip is a good idea. but i dont know yet. uhhhh.

missin caitlin pasko. what is she doing.