brant rock

nothing really worked out with film yesterday. I just got a new wider-angle lens for my bronica cam because wide angle is crucial to my creative process. and i was finishing up my 15th overly-selective image after about 7 days with the film in the camera and i went to take the roll out and the wind somehow caught it and took all of those moments away from me. i cried a little and tried to blame something and im still not over it yet. im too broke to buy more film from camera stores! and now those moments are forever lost! im seriously super sad.


so now im going to have to type out what we did yesterday.
kind of weird but kind of beautiful. its basically like the jetty at 1st in vb but was bigger and absolutely no waves. you climb over the rocks to get to the end and there are pools of water that have collected in the crevices that are now producing new life..(FUNGUS) and other weird things. there was a small water pool thing that was in between two cliffs and the water was being pushed in by the tide... that little spot was beautiful! you could sit at the end of the rock and slide into a little pool with sea shells and light blue waters. but it was FREEZING so i only stuck my feets in. it was a really pretty day though. ryan was flying this funny fish kite all over the place, and it was really cute.

this morning sara, amelia, and jimmy are coming over and we are baking a lamb cake. along with other things like playing dresss up and probably taking pictures to make up for all of the STINKIN AWESOME ones i lost. gosh i am so bummed!

anyways i got up this early to move my car from being towed (street cleaning, thursdays are stupid!) and im sitting on the couch and sprite is lying by my head and meowing near my ear and its weird. he is such a weirdo.