books books books

i made these today in my 9 hour class. there are a few more but these are the sturdiest.

the first one is made of a little zine with a small jacket.

then into a little more detail, heres a larger signature book..

and last but not least... my very first hard cover!!

so im really excited about this class and incorporating found papers and objects in the books. today i didnt bring anything so i had to get corny papers from the school store. but thats okay.

ryan is making sausage peppas and onions for dinner. im supposed to pick out a movie but i cant get up from my smooshed in the couch position. he is yelling at me to get up. haha

UM. in other news, I LOVE FROZEN YOGURT and thats tomorrow there is a giant ice cream festival.

im so sleepy. bye