newmarket and milton

im so bad at this and i dont know why. i'm now about 5 rolls of film behind on this thing. lets see if i can do this quickly...

matty caleb jimmy and i went to milton!

before jimmy got there, we ate at this crazy neat twelve tribe cafe place.

then we all did a little exploring...

goof trooop, also the three smartest people i know!

the high speed trolly from ashmont. not high speed at all.

but urban planner matty was excited

a little thriftage..

and to top the day off i ate a tasty burrito!

a few days later, ryan matty and i went to UNH's graduation for meaghan. (ryans sister) who is now my roommate!

oops awkward one.

ryan did some fishing in his tie.

(taken by ryan)

spritey whitey tighties..

my now crispy plants.

went to sara diamond's pretty house the other night as well.

she made this isnt it lovely

matt in his thrift shirt.

ryan being a true hunter.