new york

for cps graduation from nyu. SO INTENSE. we skipped the biggest part today because it was raining and supposedly like 4 hours long outside sitting at yankee stadium. gross. so we slept late and now going to get brunch and im going to check out this place called no relation on 1st and 12th st. they have a blog then go to the museum of natty history

thats exciting. IM NERVOUS about graduating! i know im moving back home but im scared of getting stuck at home. i think we might live with matt or my sister, then hopefully after a year or so i'll have enough of a business plan to move to savannah and open my little pumpkin patch. BAH. new york is really starting to be something that is fun though. caity and i went to this place the other night to celebrate my 21st birthday and they had all of these really pretty drinks. its just such a fabulous place. the really big issue i have is space! theres not enough room for my mind.. only just enough room for my body.

WEIRD IM MOVING THIS SATURDAY AND RYAN HAS TO WORK ALL DAY. so im doing it all by myself with no elevator.


boston was pretty when these were everywhere.