hopefully i'll finish a roll of film today and upload thems tonight.

things are crazy. we finally got out of the old apt and into the new one. its cute and really 70's style. the 6 hicks came to help us unpack. Ive got so much crap that we had to fill up meaghans room until I can finish up unpacking everything else. I know what i need. I need a really big and really old house to hold my things and I. mmmm i cant wait till Savannah. Ive got a little workspace in the living room for my little creative moments and the place is spacey and really nice. I LIKE. matty got here last night, we're doing breakfast then ikea then i have to work at goodwill. tomorrow we're going to cape cod! YESSSS

and i see its supposed to be dreary weather, all the better for photos.