when it is supposed to be cold and its warm, something isnt correct.
when you should be happy and you are upset, something is not correct.
when people treat you badly and you have not done anythign to harm them, something is not correct.
when songs end too soon, they are not correct.
when you cant see red, your eyes are not correct.
when you cant appreciate every living day and breath you breathe, you are not correct.

im not quite sure what is going on in the hearts on my friends or family or loved ones or aquaintences, but i know that nothing is as bad as it seems and there is always light, always.

so still,
i'll just sit and wait it out untill everything is ok again.
even when i dont know whats wrong.
oh well.
its out of hand. maybe you want me to pack up and leave,
half of me wants to.
but i do not.
im always waiting.
because i love you.
kelsie marie mcnairComment