sorry yall

ok so it was my birthday, my family came up. i finished my tattoozle. school is kicking me in the tush. and i ordered a new computer.

SO HOPEFULLY WHEN IT GETS HERE ill be able to blog a lot more. it stinks cause i hopefully want to start an online business that eventually leads to a real live business and i cant even keep this blog up! buhhh blame it on school and this darn computerdora not being able to handle memory cards or more than one application at a time. ANYWAY i have good pictures of a cute little girl named samantha and like 4 films i want to share but i cant until i get the new notebook.

bah! right now im writing a paper on myself in thrid person for seven pages. WHAT. sickly. anyway, i havent blogged in like 15 days and lots of things have happened but i guess not that many things....



oh and i love the songs laura, lust for life, and hellhole ratrace by girls, thanks to matthew simons who told me to listen to them. he is the only person i trust to this. ALSO, for everyone who hasnt already heard my claim to fame... i met the girl from beach house at goodwill the other day and she put amanda and i on the guestlist to her crazy sold out show. i didnt get to see much since little caleb lion and i sang together that night in somerville (which ROCKED) but what i saw was sweet. and talk about hip, that place was crawling with red lipstick and expensive jeans! ALSO got into the girls show by the dum dum girls coming into goodwill. CRAZY RIGHT.