i am a bird with out a tree
a nest with out a branch.
wind makes it hard to see
clearly through this horrid trance.
the walls are hollowed out
and the voices form the sound
of the rain beating hard
beating hard against the ground.
timings all a mess
i'll leave it up to her
she'll stand around and wait
wait till everythings a blur.
then call the shots thine own
hold our breath untill we ripe
clasp all hands against the sky
and sing boldly to the night.

whats the point i might insist
open'nin calmly both my fists
to reveal a light thats dim
on a road thats full of twists.
fields of red
an opened door
a loud sound
a solid floor
raking tires
fill the air
a knotted chain;
a crowded stair.

for another we lookd down
with our face beside the ground
listen loud; a humble cry
she'll never dance another night
instruments of foreign sound
lashes blue and green and brown.
bits of dust you wont reach
prancing loudly in the streets.
for the leaves, i'll give my eye
of the yellows passing by
autumn fades right into spring
behond; forgetting everything.

window frames
strings of wire
forgetting names
&holding fire.
wood of dark
lighted paths
boxes of
redeaming glass.

humble me
this night i plead
for at this point,
its all i need.
kelsie marie mcnairComment