my plans for the future!

my girlfren SAM has this sweet blog full of her friend's future plans. some of them serious and some of the so funny check it out. this one is mine.

kelsie mcnair
20- roll around squirming painfully in fine art college covered in cat hair and cheap 35mm film.

21- become fabulous and drink fine ice wines and eat ritzy treats while clothed in complete lace and feathers, get blog (or flickr) famous, make my first dress and start other DIY projects to last a lifetime.

22-graduate with a BFA from TUFTS, move south for warmth. finally find myself in music and figure out how to say exactly what i mean. buy a small traveling pooch for sprite to lick. finally stand up and stay up on a surfboard. hold my breath forever. find a free old awesome upright piano.

23-30 buy a ridiculous color (ryan's suggestion) volkswagen van and spend summers traveling the previously planned route all over America visiting everyone ive ever met. Open a store in a sassy southern city FULL of my handmade things // also collected items from over the years and freelance photo on the side///sell local and non local artists work.. bake and cook everyday. explore every section of my life with my camera. maybe tie the knot.

30 + after making a HANDSOME profit from all the cool stuff i sell, spend the rest of forever exploring everyone else's lives. visiting every place imaginable and making friends of every kind. swimming and skipping and falling and eating and loving and petting and kissing and filming. ryan will be rich and support me and our red headed babies and we will dominate. forever