what what!

yall, my teacher called me this morning to tell me he was too excited to call later on in the day. he got around to looking at my pictures this past week of ryan and amanda and he said he was so excited and he loved them! then he called me a romantic like 5 times and told me he made his day.

you DONT UNDERSTAND he's never impressed with anything but fine artsy fartsy crap that i cant do. so its such good news he was impressed. also a little news on him. he lives in manhattan and takes the most expensive train to boston for 2 days a week to teach. he likes to use terms like "me and my new york friends" and "galleries and lattes" non of which i truly have or know anything about. i mean i have new york friends but they arnt like his im sure. ANYWAY he is good news when it comes to important things in that important city. were even going on a trip to the city for a day so he can take us to his favorite galleries and show us his studio. and he just casually is like "oh meet me at the new museum at noon on oct 24th" ... like HOW DO I KNOW WHERE THAT IS I CANT DO THIS ALONE. im a baby

bah, im in vb. now i want to come home with goodies to show him for this weekend but i dont really have anythign to shoot. im not sure how he'd feel if i showed him wedding shots.