its so sad because i know it wont last

but right now i am exploding in good ideas and encouragement and for once a passion about where i want to be headed right now!

i saw jeremy larson and sleeping at last tonight. it delivered.
sam and i had a good car ride there and back as well. its so good to get close to a girl even if its for a second. i almost never get that anymore.

i want to do this
i want this to work
i really want to believe in myself
i hope i can stay focused, god i know i cant.

i am going to new york for a meeting/trip with my photo teacher and then shopping with caitlin then a show at this place called the delancey on sunday. gosh this is goin to be so good.

i just really like to GO.
so many pieces of exciting i dont want them to go. it feels so nice to be EXTREME for a few hours. like the way i was constantly in vb. constantly up and down is better than constantly in the middle.

you should listen to sleeping at last. also got a salvation club cd FO FREE from jeremy and IM ON IT! the song is called disarm. it rules!

this is really about nothing. now for some things i like!

david hamilton