okay so as many of you know ryan works at the house of blues here in boston. which has been a good experience for him and now, and an excellent experience for me! last night we walked in the artist entrance and sat on the balcony behind stage where i walked past Weston and Garron and the dad and walked past and peaked into eisleys green room where sherri and i met eyes and i fell in love.

anyway there were 2000 screaming people cramped infront of the stage and i sat comfortably behind. MAGIC. sherri hacked a huge spit and everyone was so cute and UGH. also as say anything came out HE LOOKED UP AT US AND GOT so PERSONAL.

talk about freakout. seriously i cant believe how different it felt to go to a show like that.

ANYWAY, im constantly craving special K chocolate. also ryan and i and caleb are going to the vegetarian festival today. goodies. ummm also i should have three delicious rolls of film soon.

OH and my crit went really really well! i showed the images of caleb and his sisters in the woods. Jonathan (teacher) said i shoot with so much love!

HEH its 72 degreez.

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