ladies you know when you're drying your hair in summer and its super hott out but you know you need your hair dry so you're all sweaty and then you put the hair dryer on the COOL setting and all of the sudden the heavens open up and little angels kiss your head all over. its like the most refreshing thing to have that cool air on your heated head. this is the perfect example to how the museum school makes me feel. all of my college experiences thus far have been hott and sticky and somewhat uncomfortable and times and confined and un awesome. until now. now all i feel is this perfect breeze that blows my locks all around my face in a whirlwind of appreciation and respect. im standing there being cooled my the gratitude of my future professors and artist peers. its amazing the way i feel. i havent even really talked to anyone my age yet. all the time has been spent introducing myself to teachers and figuring out my loan BS and figuring out how in the hell im going to pay for all of this mess. but its like im running head first into a perfect pillow ocean filled with absolutely everything i could ever want. the school wants me surrounded in things im good at and things i want to experiment with. they are almost no boundaries. there is excitement and acceptance everywhere!

i signed up for glass as a process and intro to print. im also trying to take 2 photo classes and perhaps a sculpture of metals class.

this really doesn't explain anything but im really excited about the magic im lucky enough to be involved in. seriously how did i get here and why does it feel too perfect!
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