from now

today was half wretched, half glorious. i cant go into details but screw you Massachusetts registry of motor vehicles.

so after my 35+ minute breakdown in the center of stupid downtown, ryan flew to the rescue and saved me from sinking right into the city ground. he took me to the park where i healed and went to school with me and i got to show him all the neat things happening there. happy happy. now were sitting in bed snacking and watching this totally morbid show.. man vs. food? he just goes places to beat their food eating records and ive definitely noticed the progression of his belly blub. its so strange because i know half the time he prob feels like poooooo.


i dont know what this is about.

here are some pictures?

the two ryans looking over the only really feelingish boston i've been to yet. southend!

bee boop. im so sleepy.