somewhere things

number one.

Y E freakin S.

number two


number three

number four

this lovely girl lives in allston!

number five

number six

feather art

number seven
oh good god above..

i dont know who took these, they were on a fan's flickrrrrr. but gosh she is just beautiful.

number eight

number nine

this is the one for me.

number ten

jealous when everyone else's holga images look awesome and mine look like moosh..

upper three images from

number eleven

i have a friend that has the same voice as THIS WOMAN
check check check her out!

number twelve
want this hair back for the beginning of school

number thirteen
this is amazing...

taken with a

so goood!

number fourteen
i played a little room show once this summer

taken by miss ally stewart.
i had a rebellious streak of blue that night..

number fifteen
wanna make this

from this