big babies

most of these little works of art were created with expired film and touched up in photoshop. this is them BIG

maymont gardens, richmond virginia.

i like this but the sky was so pink and there is no pink here!

here is a touch of pink.

ok so this is some drainage thing i forgot the name of but it collects ground water and looks like a huge monster mouth. i dig it.

i know there are alot of these but they are so fun the fish were so big like the size of a calf on my lef. HUGE and hungry we spit in the water and everyone freaked out and swam toward us. FOODDD

and ive decided to start a series on my feet. more of that to come in the up and coming monthsss.

ryan calling to the fish

tootsies in beautiful water

ryan taking a break because it was so freakin hott

like, what? this is real? this is serious?



i dont know why we all weren't swimming in this..

both of these are kind of awkward. whateve

this may be my favorite of the group. ryans hair! cats leg! the green! yes!!!!!

flowers as big as your head!

attending a wedding.

matthew in europe

huge comfy chair i want

the team.

so many more coming!