moleskine art

so today while adventuring all over the internet i stumbled upon something awesome! a name for one of my favorite hobbies, Moleskine Art.

i started doing these silly "BOS" (books of stuff) a few years ago in order to keep things from falling out of my head. the best candidate for the books are leather bound blank page books that are flexible. i love to fill them with pictures and drawings and stupid things i think of and notes and numbers and secrets. and its fun to get your friends to write in them too. its like a crucial key to remembering who i was at that point in time. if it werent for the BOS's i wouldnt remember anything about the last few years. whats wrong with my head?!

anyway this is the current bos.

so back to moleskine art. while on the internet adventure i came across an exciting discovery! my BOS is actually apart of a living breathing art form. Elaine B. Inc from smashing mag talks about moleskines.

More than quick sketches and drawings, Moleskine art can encompass mixed media and even digital art. The imperfect lines, smudges and wrinkles give it dimension and raw honesty that more than ever are sought by digital artists and implemented in software. Regardless of any advancement in technology, pen and paper will always be the number once choice for any budding artist or seasoned illustrator.

No theme or medium is ever neglected for the Moleskine treatment if the mood strikes the artist, spawning art like no other. With abstracts, travel themes and even other-worldly monsters, this collection of Moleskine art sketches and drawings is sure to inspire thought and spark your muse. Below you will find diverse styles created for a medium that refuses to die.

( i found my own collection)

Mamz Hu

and this amazing guy, L Filipe dos Santos.







after: (my favoritooo)


more of this here.

and for a little more mulimedia moleskine artworkkk..


from Sparkleface.

there are even flickr pools about the intensive journal phenomenon.

oh gosh and if this making you squeal like it makes me then be sure to check out this aweeesome site a site dedicated to celebrating moleskine lovers and their art.

horray for a full blog post on something amazing!

on a separate note... today i wrote an email to this girl who apparently lives within close proximity to me in my city. she does absolutely amazing work! chek out her etsy. ThePaperApartment

ryan is doing homework and amanda and sarah and strangers are rolling around all over the porch after a night of kabobs and cobbler. ah, sweet summer!