lets start fresh

my name is kelsie marie mcnair. i was birthed by a wonderful mother in norfolk virginia and grew up as a happy ditty teen in virginia beach. i graduated and went to community college and then transferred to a school in boston, mass. i am currently living in the city and im surrounded by windows and warm weather. not to mention the drummer next door.

little 12a greylock st;
im not sure what the world has done to you but you are an incredible mess i aim to fix up nice and fine. you remind me of my hands. you remind me of my soul. please dont feel strange while i live in you and breath in you and create in you. im happy to be with you. change me.

im confused.
im not lonely.
im happy.
im reading books.
im not playing music.
im grocery shopping.
im walking alone.
my feet have never been so dirty.
and its all different.

im sorry that im uneven.
but in this world at this time thats the way i am.

i miss you.
kelsie marie mcnairComment