this ever so easy way of making a profit off of the remorse of the living is hindering my used to be elongated breathing, but since its in the spin of the universe i am forced to make due with what i have between sheets of paper and dusty shelves that reak of character and past experiences. thoes are all that matter anyway, them and now. the ones we make everyday. sometimes when i see two people click, i watch them and think inside, 'why arn't they pursueing this relationship right away, you could make colors and personalities you've never dreamed of!' oh gosh and then i wake up and remember that everythign is based and appreciated on the appropriate amount of time. yadda yuadda. they dont know how long they will have with eachother and clicking is hard to do... blah why waittt, i guess what i am trying to say is the more time passes the more different things become so why arnt i living in the now instead of waiting for the then when the real then is nothing but the now is everythingggg?!!!?!?!?!? and this isnt some rebellious cry out for attention or vulgar movement or disgrace, im just scared that i think of myself too much, which is, of course the case. i just want to make amazing friends and never be awkward another day in my life so i can be drawn to good hearts and them be drawn to mine cause in the end, thoes hearts will be all that ever mattered.

i love sprite and being in good moods. dont you?

anonymous | Posted on 5.31.2007 at 11:58 PM
you're beautiful. i think about you everyday. and i know exactly who you are