i can only rub my eyes so far into my head to overcome that fatigue that so roughly steals the power of my eye lids.
or over my eye lids. whichever. its like this.

the more halide crystals i expose to light, the better i feel about it.
do you understand?
its kind of like an all purpose cleaner, but whatever comes out rinses clean!

hey does anyone remember the bucket analogy and how it was so sacred and stuff..
well as it turns out, its still sacred..

WEIRD, even when the creator of my envisioned perfect bucket throws it away by being partially invisible, well mostly and intently invisible..
but the idea is such a good one that i still hope to keep it close to my heart forever.

here you are for another ride on the demonstration mobile:

every person has a bucket.
filled with what it is that makes that person.. well.. that person.
physical features, the way they laugh, their passions, attachments, ring size, hair color, character, potential, whit factor, creativity, purpose... yada yada

you do the math.
when you come along a neat person you dump all them out and pick through everything to see what you like and what you don't...
its just a math equation.

and while we're on the topic of math
someone tell me where i am going with this.

bathroom break then back to the drawing board i call Microsoft werd.
VOM! <3333