time and space

right now matt is talking on the phone about ben kweller and stuff..

" i just write ligt stuff, is that ok? does that make me a bad person? what? kelsie,. talk to me. i need you right now. i need you in my life, i need you to listen? kelsie? kelsieeeeeeee. kelsieeee (lol)... UGH you know what song ison my mind all day? "and its time to geto out of the desert and into the sun...'' ok so im not that good of a singer, you know? uhh man... kelsie, dotn analyze me! I DOTN UNDERSTAND!... why do you... ugh! im not special or suumtign liek that. you are special becase you are superordnal.. creativity points in you brain. you stroke pleasure points in yourself that most people dont even know exist.. i dotn know... everyone wants it. i love bob dyllan.... lets go to charlestown. just come with me to charlestown. and see what happeneds to you rmind and body. i euphoria, a belndar of emotions canvased into life unexpected, into what we are kelsie, stop fighting the tide of life! for it is the moon not the sun that guide the sun! WE KELSIE TOGETHER ARE CHAMPIONS!! w are stealer from the victory of wrath, oH FIRE PUT IN MY STAINFULL BELLY! how can you conceive from these proposterous remarks? of pretzl joy."