{she's caughing and barely awake, but if i say quiet she'll never know i was here.}

so i picked up the cloud today drenched and ready to burst, exploding through every hole, she wept.
not knowing which way to be blown, for she knew she would surley be terminated to the west, but be unseen to the east. she loved the plains, and the fields of flowers that she once saw, she longs for them to return. how she dreams.. what will the land do with out her saving shade? might she be replaced by a nicer cumulonimbus or will the wind lend it aid? and the mountains! oh the mountains with such beauty. even in the dead of winter when times were turbulent... she would prevail to see the day again. the west has happened. the west has not won.

there is new water, new land, new love to the east. places and things never before thought of. beautiful seas rolling hills and frangrance like no other. clearer waters with more taste, more friends to grace the night with instead of alone. perhaps mountains. perhaps unknown. oceans to seas to land and high trees, different languages and humble roads.. much is to be decided.

should my cloud fly to the west? where she is at home, but has been harmed.
should my cloud fly to the east? even when she knows she loves the west. she loves the west.

my little cloud.
one day will come where you will be glad to see the east, for if you only knew the wonders that will pass thoes seas and storms. a whole new life awaits for you there. no old west, it used you and abused you. forget it. the world is to be explored. and you are not the first to make this choice.

but you will be the last chance to determine the future. do not drag yourself down by rememberance.
my lovely cloud.
let your mind be free and fly east.

fly east.
kelsie marie mcnairComment