he's and she's

so it is 1:45 am and i havnt even begun my descriptive essay,
i know i know, easy easy.
buti have to be in the mood you know. im sleepy. im worn out.
photography was swell tonight i got a 100 on the midterm bringing me up to a 95 in the class.
schweet. caitlin p knows all my secrets. so does her roommate megan that i've never met.

i went to evans.
he makes things good even if they are not good and better when they are fine/
this is one form of continuity in my life.
i wont tell him, but its in all truth i ssay these things.

i went to the mall tonight and tried on purfume.
i like this oriental one. i dont know.
then took pictures a bit, ran into chelsea smeland which means nothign to anyof you who read this becasuse im sure none of you know who that is.

megan and matt should have their own sitcom.

um, i dotn want to write that papertonight. so i wont. tomorrow is your day essay, tomorrow is your day.
all i am feeling right now:

i miss caitlin pasko with everyform of missing material i possess within these bones.
evan, even if he is the exact opposite of everything i am, his hands and gentle smile have placed new colors in my sight that i very much enjoy. especially the forhead kisses.
megan, no matter how angery or moody or sad or happy, i am blessed with her friendship at all times.
matt; there are no words. i love you.
chad; you know me better then the world. and the ladies are jealous. tomorow we are hanging out.

after i finish my paper of course. <3
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