whats lining up down the road
with lots of light yet small enough
to make me wonder and examine
lets all say one thing and mean another
its getting rough keeping my toung tied.
maybe its not mine.
maybe its yours.
or his, or hers.
of all the sounds or colored chalk
that might have been seen tonight
i think the most valuable of them is the one not seen.
now we still have things to wonder
we still have them.
pens without ink only work before!
but we,
we still have them!
what it is about the number one thats so tempting anyway.
or the word you.
oh you
its not that bad. we arnt that bad.
ships are setting sail right now.
they get closer with the seconds and soon,
sooon they'll blow on by.
we swear its the end..
but its ok. we'll be fine.

less is more.