Quirk City iPhone 7+/8+

Quirk City iPhone 7+/8+


This case fits onto the back side of any iPhone 7+ or 8+ and is made of a slightly soft and snug fitting clear plastic. One of a kind design!

Anemone, Ginkgo & Buttercup with a bit of brass 

To keep the case clean and lovely, try to handle it with clean hands.. free from makeup, paints, oils etc.

Use rubbing alcohol to clean!

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While each case is made special in the shop to be durable and long lasting, we suggest taking special care of yours. Treat them like soft leather boots worn while adventuring. These cases get more wear and tear than your average accessory & with that in mind.. remember all things have a life and that these handmade beauties will only last as long as you treat them with love! Resin bubbles occur naturally in our process