Norfolk's Favorite Little Boutique

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With Lavender and Lace opened its doors in November 2011. It was conceived as a coming-of-age blog created by Kelsie McNair, and later spread its wings as a successful Etsy shop operated from Boston, MA. With a background in photography, Kelsie used her artistic powers to push her online shop past being just a hobby—she began branding her first ever boutique.

With Lavender and Lace now exists as a quaint storefront in the heart of Norfolk's Historic Ghent, filled with meticulously rediscovered vintage apparel and handmade goods. The shop nurtures the aesthetic of an intuitive and happy life, free from restrictions in both fashion and form. 

Both blog and storefront, inspired by the modern lifestyle of east coast musicians and artists, offer a dialogue that insists on creativity in every aspect of life. With Lavender and Lace is more than a store, it is an experience. Each hand selected piece offers a history, mysteries are buried in the textures and colors. And each piece offers the wearer an opportunity to discover a little bit more of who they are.

Kelsie McNair sees her storefront as an opportunity to cultivate a creative atmosphere. It is a place to create meaningful dialogue—a place to sell the aesthetic of a creative, interactive, and inspired lifestyle. And a place that provides an alternative to all-too-artificial fashion. With Lavender and Lace is a brand, it's a business, and hopefully one day it will represent a community of like-minded people driven by creativity.  


We're sorry you missed us but after 4 years of happy business, we've decided to close up the Ghent shop. Thank you for your support over the years and keep an eye out for us online!




Interested in the owner? She's a twenty something blondie who is crazy about treats and laying in warm sunny grass. She loves book binding, cooking, singing, bundles of flowers and running this shop! She is pretty excitable and almost always drowning in petals... Follow her personal blog HERE. Follow her musical adventures HERE.